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Our Property

We discovered our "Diamond in the Rough" in the summer of 2014.  We were looking on Craigslist for an investment property and we came across this listing for sale by the owner.  The owners had purchased it in the 1970s and rented the property out as a vacation rental and for the past decade had rented it month to month.  It was originally built in 1950 and was used as a barracks as they built the Hungry Horse Dam. The building was originally in downtown Hungry Horse and moved to our 1.5 acres in the late 50s. To the left of our property is Forest Service land. Some of the land behind us is part of the highway right-of-way.  The road in front of our property is the original Highway 2 that went to Glacier Park. The previous owners said the road was very busy before they put in the 4-lane highway in 1987. 


The property was vacant when we purchased it in September 2014. We couldn't wait to start making it our own. One of the major improvements we added was the gables to the exterior. This also provided room for covered decks.    

During the process of remodeling, we tried to keep the rustic feel of the 'cabins' but also modernize them. Nobody wants to hand-wash dishes while on vacation!  We are in the process (Summer 2024) to finish the cabin at the south end of the building - Wildhorse Trail.

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